Developing Organisations

We help our clients make the big decisions on strategy, leadership, talent organisational development and change.
Our focus is on helping people and organisations to realise their true potential and to succeed together to achieve results. Developing Leaders To make this happen we take a planned approach to improving organisational performance and effectiveness – one that aligns people, processes and strategy. We provide practical support to help to develop talent, organise people more effectively and actively engage them to produce superior performance.

Our consulting methods can help you address critical business challenges, such as Business Growth, Culture Change, Transformation, Reorganisation and Post-Merger Integration. We help organisations build winning capabilities such as Innovation, Agility, Collaboration, Risk Management, Customer Service.

ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING involves a rigorous process to improve the company’s effectiveness in delivering the strategy and achieving target results. Our emphasis is on creating and maintaining alignment between the key organisational disciplines:


We can help you to:

  • Create a talent strategy – for a consistent view of what talent means for your organisation
  • Draw up a strategic workforce plan – to make sure your organisation has the capabilities it needs for the challenges ahead
  • Develop your leadership capability – to give you an effective team to take the organisation forward
  • Build career pathways to attract and engage the best – so that talented people want to build a future with you
  • Develop a learning culture – to embed talent practices throughout the organisation
  • Enable Workforce Management – to ensure the management practices deliver the maximum potential from your talented workforce


We can help you to:

      • Understand core Values & Behaviours – so that you build the new culture on solid ground
      • Shape your organisational culture – to enable your people to think and behave in new ways that achieve the results you want
      • Shift mind sets to improve performance –through immersive learning experiences based on workplace challenges. People get the chance to try out new skills and behaviours in a ‘safe environment’
      • Change habits – we help people track their own behaviour, build self-awareness and reinforce new habits


We can help you to:

  • Develop the case for change – we help your senior leaders clarify their purpose & vision and build a case for change
  • Design your change strategy – we help you understand what’s driving change, how it will affect your organisation and what’s the best way to approach it
  • Align strategy & culture – we help to identify the level of alignment in the core processes and practices that drive the change effort
  • Deliver change – we work as part of your change delivery team, providing support in a way that works for you. We can define a framework for delivering change and help you develop the tools and skills to bring it to life

Our Consulting Approach

Our consulting approach involves a ‘deep dive’ evaluation of the drivers of organisational performance. We assess your goals against your current reality and help you to develop strategies for achieving results. This critical evaluation is a vital step in tackling the right topics in the right way for your specific change effort.

We support you through to implementation and beyond to ensure that your change effort sticks, for example, by using small teams as lighthouses to model the organisational change and enable a more agile, fast and empowered scale-up of the changes needed for your sustained success. These rapid-cycle ‘breakthrough’ projects turn innovative ideas into action and deliver tangible results.

Our expertise lies in designing and delivering change programmes, talent management strategies, leadership development initiatives and organisational development efforts.

CASE Consulting – What we offer:


CASE Consulting – How we deliver:

As a supplement to our consulting service, we also offer the two following add-on options:

A structured review of the key organisational elements to determine their effectiveness and alignment. We can use the results of the assessment audit as a baseline for measuring the targeted improvements that follow.


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