Leadership Training

Our training programmes are designed to meet your leadership development needs. We can tailor a course around your business and your people so that the learning is most relevant and can be applied with immediate results.

Our core programmes include:

How are we different?

Our leadership development portfolio is presented and led by leaders who have operated at the highest levels themselves.  They are able to guide and inform you strategically so that you gain clarity about the direction you need to take. These are not ‘training programmes’ in the traditional sense, they are strategic conversations with leaders led by an expert guide and facilitator.
With that in mind the purpose of the process is not about us telling you how to do anything but rather to create space for you and your team to discuss the topics and be able to align yourselves.
Before each programme we will provide free consultancy to clarify and outline the scope of the programme and the approach that needs to be taken.

Each programme is designed to live far beyond the development days themselves by providing personalised 1:1 coaching for each participant and post programme webinars to answer questions and reinforce key messages.

Participants will leave the process with a clear action plan and strategic focus for the months ahead.

All our programmes include: