Building a Winning Culture

(2 Days)
We regard culture as the ‘How’ of strategy delivery. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” are words attributed to Peter Drucker, which are frequently quoted by people who see culture at the heart of all great companies. We understand that creating and sustaining a culture that powers your organisation towards achieving its vision and delivering its core purpose is as essential part of a successful formula. Leaders can make a deliberate effort to shape their culture and take appropriate steps to adapt it to new challenges and sustain it so that it endures.
The ‘Building a Winning Culture’ programme helps you to define the HOW of Strategy Delivery – the cultural parameters within which you’re going to be working, determine your values and the basic assumptions needed for success, articulate the behaviours necessary for success and identify the working practices and measures that under-pin cultural development. 


• Why Should People Give Full Measure?
• Understanding What Makes Us Successful
• Discovering Shared Values & Beliefs
• Mapping Your Current Culture
• Defining Requirements for Success
• Measuring What Really Matters
• Taking the Lead on Culture