Develop Your Talent

(2 Days)
We know that top performing managers of talent do a number of critical things to ensure success. This programme is designed to share their secrets with you, then take these ideas into a practical analysis of your work teams so that you leave with a clearly visible approach to talent. The best in class set clear performance expectations with their people and communicate their demands clearly, then they ensure follow up to check that things are done. Building a culture of performance delivery is the foundation stone for attracting and retaining high performing talent.
Be prepared to differentiate between your people, i.e. know who are the A-players,B-players and C-players, identify the top and bottom 10%, then act according to that differentiation.


• Understand the implications of long term demands on your business
• Linking long term demands to your leadership and workforce requirements
• Review existing talent strategy, pipeline and succession frameworks
• Evaluate the talent you have and the talent you need
• Establish how you can embed a sustainable talent management culture
• Create practical initiatives and strategies that yield tangible talent results