The Leader as a Coach

We understand that leaders are under constant pressure to get results. Too often they respond by pushing harder and harder in an effort to get the results they need. We also know that not every team member responds to this approach… enter coaching.

By introducing coaching to the range of approaches they use a leader can open up the performance of their team members and help them to develop and grow their contribution to the team’s success. ‘The Leader as a Coach’ programme explores what coaching is and the benefits it provides and the factors that contribute to motivation & engagement in employees. It offers a practical and hands-on opportunity to learn how to effectively coach others using the Coaching Model and to understand how to create an effective learning environment through coaching.


• Coaching in Context – What is Coaching & Why Do It
• About You as Coach
• When to Coach & Who to Coach
• How to Coach – The Coaching Model
• Coaching Skills & Practice
• Instant Coach
• Creating the Coaching Agenda for Your Business