Setting the Talent Agenda

(2 Days)

While being interviewed on Talent, Dave Ulrich said “Organisations create blueprints for succession and that blueprint may be what set of needs do we have in the future, what set of skills do we need, what kind of people do we need, and they build a blueprint for the questions that the Line Manager will take ownership for”. This programme helps you define these ‘blueprints’ for your organisation, we will create a strategic conversation around the business-critical process of defining those as individuals with ambition, with agility, with ability, and with achievement. In other words, how do we, as an organisation, build a tailored and personalised programme for our future.


• Identify what talent you need in your organisation and team
• Learn how to measure and assess the talent you have
• Determine how to best develop your talent
• Translating talent strategy to talent management practices
• Establish clarity on how you can take the lead on talent

“You will NOTICE the conversations are INTENSE”